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GoNetwork: Future is Now

GoNetwork: Future is Now

Network infrastructure for Ethereum from the winning team at ETHWaterloo- World’s largest Ethereum Hackathon.

GoNetwork team members dedicated to building an exclusive platform that facilitates virtual goods creation, distribution and trading on a massive scale. What they have done so far guarantee what they are going to do! A team consists of highly experienced mobile developers who loved the idea of using smart contracts in virtual goods business. They have created Happy Park (most massive Theme Park game in iOS) to enhance their vision at first. Then, they realized that they might use blockchain technology to manage and create virtual goods by solving fraud problems and building a brand new stream of revenue for developers.

In the end, they stated that they aim to create a hugely expandable, low-cost, low-latency mobile RST network infrastructure for Ethereum, set up GoExchange; a scalable decentralized virtual goods exchange platform for mobile and lastly introduce cryptocurrency to the public. To achieve these goals, the team members want to create a network for mobile O-chain transactions for acceleration of the public adoption of cryptocurrencies and movement consumer markets towards a digital economy. Furthermore, they explained the importance of network availability and bandwidth for mobile platforms like desktop settings, so they address the creation of required networking and proof structures.

Despite the fact that several projects have been announced in recent months, it seems that crypto community is excited about GoNetwork project. After the emergence of the project, GoNetwork has been experiencing exponential growth of community members/followers. Over 50k Telegrams users joined the community Telegram group. In other words, large numbers of people trust this project and support the team. They believe in this project because the team consists of hard-working, devoted and self-sacrificing members.

Their smart contract for the ICO is launching soon. To join ICO crowd-sale, you will need the fill out GoNetwork Crowdsale Whitelist Form (

Most of us have missed several trains, but you would be sorry if you lose this fantastic project!


Rashid Khan- CEO

Amit Shah- CTO

Xun Chai -COO

Jesse Guild-Business Development Manager

Yifan Evan Zhu-Financial Advisor

Vincent Xie-Project Manager & Business Consultant

Maanas Rautela- Legal

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