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Thrive Analysis: The Premium Decentralized MarketPlace

Today, we are going to analyze an incredible project and ICO that cryptocurrency world should not miss out. THRIVE. When the advertisers have begun to search for solutions to brand safety and transparency problems (regarding inappropriate ad appearance and premium placement issues), the team members have realized the what advertisers request: a premium decentralized ad marketplace. While there were several failed attempts to offer some solutions in the past, Thrive team members came with the idea of combining blockchain technology and digital marketing.

These visionary guys openly stated their ultimate intention: the creation of the better internet. Thrive addresses the significance of community, because the marketplace will be advanced and upgraded thanks to contributions of all participants (definition of publisher interests, commercial benefits, and self-reinforcing processes). These participants who are consumers, reviewers, advertisers, and publishers can develop a steady economic performance thanks to a transparent and meritocratic reward model. The creator company has a fantastic digital marketing history, and the team members are fully experienced in administrating high margin, online and web-based advertising services across international markets.

Thanks to their experience in the digital marketing industry and their market research findings, they are aware of market needs. Firstly, publishers request low fees and clear ads rules, in other words, they ask THRIVE. The platform offers a premium and fresh content for publishers via the community of reviewers, so a premium placement for advertisers shall be possible. Secondly, in addition to ensured brand reputation, due to the fact that Thrive offers Thrive Data Platform Management, advertisers will enjoy predictive re-targeting and high conversion rates.

Thrive that will survive thanks to community consensus provides reviewer reward system (meritocracy as the core), user reward system ( consumers’ data sharing), and the anti-patronage advertising marketplace (reputation-based). Besides, users will benefit from digital profile management service, DMP services (Thrive Labs Main Services including data onboarding; data modeling; data activation; predictive retargeting; prospecting audience analytics and customer segmentation), ad exchange and Thrive Labs AI (artificial intelligence).

TOKEN ( visit

Thrive offers a fantastic marketplace for the digital marketing industry, but you do not have to be part of this sector to enjoy Thrive rally and its technological developments! Be Part of This Revolution! THRT-Thrive Token and ICO!

THRT (visit The Thrive Token (THRT) is an ERC-20 standard Token. All wallets supporting ether, including Jaxx,, and Ethereum Wallet support ERC-20 compliant tokens.

Private Sale Open Until Feb 14,2018 !

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