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A New Hero of Music, Art & Media: Pindify

Pindify has been created by a dedicated team that serves as a blockchain based platform for providers of music, art & media. The team members claim that this project will become a market where providers open their stores and earn revenues. Besides, it will be possible to invite fans, sell content and make income from subscriptions of their followers. In other words, thanks to Pindify, centralized services, and closed social relations will be combined, and a credible decentralized market system will emerge. (

The team members identify significant problems in the market as the inadequacy of service that navigates channels and provides revenue streams, issues of streaming services, organization issues related to the distribution of content via social media and incapability of former industry formats. What the team members see the opportunities to connect providers with supporters are the potential enhancement areas of content & relations, distribution, monetization, and operation.

Eventually, the team members have found the solution: Art & Media Market where providers of arts & media augment, engage and profit from existing and new fans. That’s fascinating!

Pindify aims to provide a direct-to-consumer service, so all the providers gain revenue thanks to their subscribers and aim to introduce an innovative Market Network System. Furthermore, Pindify uses blockchain technology to verify identities (working with Civic’s Secure Identity Platform) and register intellectual property (working with Also, it uses this technology to provide notary service for registration of licenses (working with, provide payment and transaction service (working with Coinify for Bitcoin and Exodus wallet for Ethereum) and use smart contracts.

The team believes that Pindify that is the direct-to-consumer market with blockchain provides attractive opportunities for investors thanks to its three synergistic components: portfolios, social network, and marketplace. Also, Pindify has a competitive advantage over its competitors merely because it provides rapid growth opportunity, customization utility, a service that adds value.

To take advantage of token sale opportunities, do not wait and join this fantastic community! ICO ends soon. Current Pindex Token price is $0.50 U.S.D. And minimum purchase is 0.5 Eth.


Christoffer Bolinder Wallin -Chief Executive Officer

Johan Lindgren -Chief Operation Officer

Oskar Gillström -Chief Commercial Officer

Pavlo Shabat -Chief Technical Officer

Mikael Friberg -Chief Marketing Officer

Sara Öhman -Chief Social Officer

Sebastian Uddén -Chief Investment Officer

Tomas Wallin -Chief Financial Officer

Mathias Mattsson -Chief Design Officer

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