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COINVEST — Democratization of the World of Cryptocurrencies

Hi Folks! Today we are going to talk about a promising and visionary project, a decentralized investment trading market and its ICO briefly. COINVEST! ( Coinvest offers a platform where all the people across the world able to invest in crypto assets using one wallet and coin. The platform serves as the world’s first decentralized investment trading market for cryptonized assets. Coinvest team members state that their product will democratize the access to cryptocurrencies! Crypto world needs this type of entrepreneurs and their attempts!

When we come to the question of why blockchain technology, the team members assert that due to the features of the technology users will benefit from the characteristics of simplicity, functionality, diversification. Autonomy, decentralization, and security.

As we mentioned before, Coinvest aims to build a democratized platform for every single person in the world. To achieve this ultimate goal, Coinvest plans to introduce some tools that provides a secure and safe platform for investment and usage of cryptocurrencies and enable participants to take advantage of the individually curated index of cryptonized assets (using one platform, one wallet, and one token!). In other words, participants will be able to form a portfolio for their investment in multiple cryptocurrencies. Unlike centralized exchanges and investment funds, this feature will help to reduce the cost, risk, and complexity as well (thanks to Coinvest protocol-Coinvest DAPP). Moreover, instead of requesting traditional investment use cases, Coinvest that is empowered by blockchain and smart contract technologies provides low transaction costs, free investment options, and complete trust. IT MEANS A LOT TO CRYPTO WORLD. Founder and Executive Director Damon Nam stated that the platform is placing THE POWER BACK INTO THE HANDS OF THE PUBLIC!

COIN Token

Coinvest offers the COIN token crowd-sale to use the funds for the development of the tools and the ultimate goal of the platform. Users will be able to manage orders that are executed with the COIN token. Also, thanks to COIN token crowd-sale funds, the team members will be able to ensure liquidity and collateral to back all user investments. Please visit to be part of the revolution!

Crowdsale: February 16, 2018!

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