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Fiancia: Copy Trading Platform and TV Channel

Today we will mention an innovative project that is a digital asset copy trading platform as well as a TV channel. Fiancia is dedicated to build a healthy and secure platform for all the crypto world, and also create a TV channel broadcasting news, information, and the latest developments related to cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the decentralized online mechanism, the team plans to build a platform where traders enjoy the safe, secure and confidential environment. (

Fiancia will be a viable online copy trading and interaction platform that will promote the technology and the commercial exercises, so both large legal entities and individual traders will benefit from the platform and its forum and social network growth strategy features. As the interest and investment in cryptocurrencies have been growing day by day, the crypto world needs a TV channel that traders will be able to follow the trusted data and breaking news on 24/7 basis!

One of the most significant services of the platform is that trader will be able to take advantage of copying the strategies of the experienced and successful entrepreneurs and merchants, so traders will have the chance to increase their profits. Also, thanks to Fiancia TV Channel, traders will have the opportunity to combine those copied strategies with updated and filtered cryptocurrency news and data.

Users also will enjoy the personal digital wallet using Fiancia app and will be able to trade and execute transactions in an uninterrupted way. Also, traders will manage their assets and withdrawal processes thanks to the concept of the crypto bank, so stakeholders will use master/visa cards for withdrawals when they need hard cash. In brief, in addition to copy trading platform, users will appreciate the Crypto Bank as well as Fiancia TV Channel in advancing their portfolio in an entirely controlled, user-friendly and reliable environment. What an idealistic team!

FIN Token Sale

Fiancia offers FIN tokens (ERC-20 Ethereum standard) that will be used in the platform for copy trading and all the exchange related transactions. Users will benefit from packages, profit leverages and many lucrative by holding the FIN tokens. Pre ICO Token Sale Start Date: March 1, 2018 Token Sale End Date: June 15, 2018 Offers 50% discount until March 31, 2018!

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