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The Future of Crypto Trading: SIGNALS

With the invention of the cryptocurrencies and emergence of exchange platforms in recent years, there has been an emerging community across the globe: crypto traders. What we will analyze today will be the favorite platform all traders soon. SIGNALS! ( Signals team aims to facilitate crypto trading with a set of algorithms that helps crypto traders to increase and stabilize their profits. Users will be able to take advantage of advanced charts, technical indicators, sophisticated statistical models as well as inputs and algorithms (created by media monitoring and sentiment analysis) without having the prior technical knowledge to manage fully customizable trading robots. Thanks to this fantastic platform, customized robots will deal with daily trading and users will enjoy the healthy profits!

The Signal Platform: How Does It Work?

When users have accounts the on the platform, they will evaluate and choose the data, indicators and strategy inputs to build a trading strategy. First, to develop reliable analytical tools, users will visit data marketplace before moving into indicators market-place. Then, to process, calculate and display the selected data, users will need to check various indicators such as fundamental freemium, technical analysis, sentiment analysis, machine learning based, crowd wisdom based, blockchain monitoring, Github commits and custom indicators. After these steps, users will be able to combine them and to create a profitable trading strategy using Signal Strategy Builder! In other words, with the help of this tool users will shape their strategy quickly. Furthermore, the Signal platform offers another fantastic feature: users will develop their policies and evaluate them before moving into active trading step! To find the optimal and workable approach, users will benefit from several elements of Signals Strategy Builder. These features are advanced charting, backtesting and training with genetic algorithms, involved supercomputer experimentation, benchmarks and risk quantification reports, adaptive strategies, machine learning for signal extraction, flash crash detection system and viewing and editing the code directly in the background. We know that feeling, you are excited and fascinated like we did when we discovered the Signals!

The Signals Offers More!

Users will enjoy live trading and mobile notifications for the better experience. Also, the platform will provide advanced services thanks to community support strategy and various competitions like indicators development competitions, strategies competitions, data competitions as well as user endorsement competitions. In short, users will enjoy decentralized supercomputer power and crowdsourced wisdom without having programming skills.

SGN-Signal Token

SGN is an ERC-20 Ethereum blockchain based token and the token holders will be able to pay fees on purchases in the market-places and will benefit from the Signals cloud solution for deploying strategies.

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