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An Idealistic Platform for Inclusive and Community-Owned Financial Systems: Kora

The Kora team identifies the missing parts of the existing financial systems and offers a visionary project that will improve the experiences of underserved people of the world. After comprehensive research, the team realizes that almost two billion adults cannot have primary financial accounts due to the existence of distance issues, lack of documentation, and most importantly lack trust in service providers. Moreover, service providers do not offer permanent solutions to problems of people such as lack of access to electricity or the Internet. Some people around the world cannot buy a smartphone, and they are not able to access to education technology or finance. Therefore, lots of people are not the part of world value creation, and they cannot improve their living standards and accumulate wealth.

Having defined and realized these real-life facts, The Kora Network will be designed to serve as a low-cost financial services platform for all the people around the world including low-income populations. Blockchain technology will empower the platform and thanks to the user-friendly mobile app, so the cost of service will be meager. The team aims to advance the capital, intellect, and creativity developing self-sustaining and community-owned ecosystems.

Before moving into the features of the Kora, it is essential to understand current issues. In fact, there are several of problems in the current financial systems such as high cost of service, the misconception that the underserved have little value, lack of trust, technological understanding and financial literacy. To address the issues, Kora plans to create a platform where people enjoy taking on most of the critical roles in the ecosystem and take advantage of growing wealth in the community.

The Kora Network will introduce the eFiat that are the digital versions of the national currencies (backed by cash reserves and redeemable on a 1:1 basis) to increase the level of user experience and trust. Under the regulatory decisions depending on the country, users will have access to financial services via mobile transfer or money operators. Thanks to contributions of the KYC tools, users will benefit from the services as well as cash points where they can exchange eFiat and physical cash.

In fact, Kora intends to advance the current financial systems and communities that provide commercial service will be part of Kora Network as Community Value Networks (CVNs) that can be applied to various use cases.

Use Cases:

Money Transfer & Payments

Lending and Loaning


Kora Network Token (KNT) & Token Sale

Kora has announced the native token of the platform which is Kora Network Token. KNT will be used as a payment medium and staking unit. KNT holders will be partners of the platform, so when the platform grows their profits will grow at the same time. Also, the platform encourages the holders to vote for block producers because The Block Producer will share the fees with the token holders. Visit for the whitelisting.



Feb 24th 12 pm UTC – March 1st 12 pm UTC: ID Verification for all Whitelist members. March 2nd 12 pm UTC: Whitelist members can contribute to Pre-Sale. March 5th 12 pm UTC: Pre-Sale open to everyone with a $5000 minimum contribution. March 25th 12 pm UTC: Pre-Sale closes. March 26th 12 pm UTC: Public Sale open to everyone with no minimum contribution.

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