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Crypto BNB: New Generation Blockchain-Based Marketplace and Hospitality Service for Short-Term Renta

Crypto BNB: New Generation Blockchain-Based Marketplace and Hospitality Service for Short-Term Rentals

As all the sectors are being shaped and transformed by the recent blockchain technology, another fantastic project has been announced by a dedicated and hard-working team recently. CryptoBnB squad offers a marketplace place and hospitality service for short-term rentals based on blockchain technology. (

In fact, the marketplace will be a combination of the existing models (AirBnB and HomeAway) and smart blockchain technology. To overcome the current problems in the sector such as high fees, inadequacy search engines, scams and fraudulent activities, CryptoBnB offers its marketplace where users experience a mutual balance and profit in a secure platform. To solve the issue of fraudulent activities, CryptoBnB provides the CryptoDNA™ protocol (combination of blockchain and smart contracts, artificial intelligence and big data), so both property owners and travelers will benefit from the exceptional hospitality service and advanced matchmaking solutions.

Thanks to CryptoDNA™ protocol, CryptoBnB will introduce user identity feature, viable voting and rating system and automatic smart wallet system. In addition to these, users will enjoy the 0 percent commission, P2P intelligent contracts as well as P2P marketing. The team plans to develop the platform approximately in one year with the help of ICO funds (using funds for the technology development and marketing).

As users experience zero commission feature and avoid hidden fees in the marketplace, they will take advantage of the Arbitration Resolution center to solve the inevitable disputes (the platform ensures the little chance for conflicts by the way). Primary reasons for the disagreements are usually damaging property (by travelers) and making false representations (by hosts), and to solve these minor issues, users will take photos using the CryptoBnB mobile app. However, when the small problems are not addressed, these issues will turn out to be major ones. With the help decentralized and democratized resolution system, all the major ones will be resolved quickly.

In short, the team members accept the functionality of the existing system and services, but they introduce the sophisticated technology based on the blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data to create an advanced and perfect short-term rental market, so CryptoBnB will be the leading actor in the market when the platform becomes developed one.

CKey Tokens

CryptoBnB offers CKey tokens (ERC-20 Ethereum compatible) that will provide short-term and long-term benefits for the token holders. Users will be able to us CKey tokens for the purchase and exchange of services in the CryptoBnB platform. To be part of this promising project, you will need to register on the and fill out the KYC form. After approval process and successful ETH transfer, participants will store their tokens in their wallet. Significant exchanges will list the token within the two months after the end of the ICO. (

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