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Dropil: Advanced and Automated Investment Platform

Dropil creates a platform where investors and all types of traders benefit from an automated investment system that reduces risk level thanks to the trading algorithm (minimizing losses), offers steady returns and free intelligent trading feature. Therefore, users will be able to invest in cryptocurrencies safely and securely because the founder team members want to develop an excellent risk management system which is user-friendly necessitates minimum effort, so all the people across the globe have the easy access to cryptocurrency universe.

At this point, Dropil introduces its trading robot system, “Dex” which will manage the whole process with the help of portfolio balancing algorithm and DROP tokens (ensure privacy and provide added value and exclusivity). What makes the platform unique is that Dex designed as a sophisticated and complex set of automated bots, not a single logic or strategy. When we examine the Dex in detail, we realized that Dex could manage several modes-combination of logic optimized for specific tasks at the same time, so Dex efficiently administrates the different strategies and switch the reaction based on market movements. Meanwhile, the system records the system records the whole process and actions; it allows the creation of the perfect analysis of trading.

Also, it is significant to mention Drop tokens here because Drop is designed to empower the Dex system used for investment and storage of funds. The Drop is an ERC20 Ethereum compliant token, and there will be 30 billion tokens to support the optimal scale of trading platform, so the amount of the total tokens will facilitate the low cost of entry and broad user base implementation.

Due to the unique features of the platform, most of the types of investors and traders will benefit from it (including people who want to have stable investment; to increase the utility of algorithm trading as well as holding (HODL!); to have diversified cryptocurrency portfolio and to protect themselves from the volatile atmosphere of the cryptocurrencies). Moreover, investors and traders want to invest in the booming market, but in some cases, they do not have sizeable investable capital, basic or advanced trading knowledge and time to monitor markets all the time. Thanks to Dropil, all these people and many other types of investors will be able to join and contribute to the market.

To sum up, Dropil develops a platform which is powered by humans and artificial intelligence technology. It combines human oversight with the Machine Learning and advanced market analysis technology and provides the benefits of auto strategy correction thanks to Dex. Therefore, investors and traders will enjoy the stress-free investment without the interruption of human error or emotions and will be able to withdraw whenever they want. Also, they will take advantage of completely free services as well as investments gain (prospected value increase in Drop tokens).

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