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Iconic: Be a Witness to the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Revolution

As interest in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology increases day by day, demand for robust investment markets becomes prominent. A visionary team who acknowledged the market demand and current trends decided to create Iconic which is a new crowd investment and negotiation ecosystem for the assets establishing a unique environment based on the blockchain technology. When we look at the traditional investment markets, we detect the incompatible costs and extremely bureaucratic processes that cause the inefficiency and decrease in trust. However, due to the explosion of the electronic assets and Initial Coin Offerings(ICO) recently, world economy experiences efficiency, liquidity, transparency as well as dynamism. In this regard, Iconic is created to provide a commercial environment where promising investments and investors meet discovering various opportunities thanks to a decentralized and transparent technology. (

Iconic aims to establish a market where two interrelated elements are combined: blockchain and decentralized trust (Iconic ecosystem) and the crowdfunding market (business model). Founders of the platform state that primary motivations behind the establishment of the Iconic are to overcome the challenges that ICO market faces with, to move the ICO beyond the digital market, and lastly to boost the investments offering the advanced technology. It is important to note that Iconic has competitive advantages such as providing a complete ecosystem, breaking through new markets, and impacting ICOs from the very beginning. Also, Iconic will offer assurance solutions, build up the community, provide the necessary instruments to develop the market owning a non-inflationary coin and escrowing from the beginning. In short, Iconic will build an integrated ecosystem where idealistic projects are launched and raised their resources representing the beginning of their stories.It seems that ICO world will be shaped and transformed by the Iconic soon!

Furthermore, the Iconic ecosystem will be composed of three fundamental elements that are the Iconic Environment (starting point of the ICOs operations), Iconic Trading (providing an enhanced connection with the market for token trade), and lastly Iconic Assurance (give an ability that small investors exist in a conventional market).

To be more clear, it is significant to note that we are witnessing a considerable revolution at the moment with the adaption of the blockchain technology almost in every single sector all around the world. With the help of the quick spread of the news about cryptocurrencies all around the world, new projects as well as brand-new ICOs will continue to be released in the following months and years. Therefore, Iconic will have a vital role in spreading the this technology and will definitely contribute to the growth of the cryptocurrency community. Most of the other visionary projects aim to facilitate and offer solid solutions to existing issues in specific industries. Similarly, Iconic as a catalyzer, promoter and improver, will transform and reshape the ICO world providing an incredible support and service for the crypto world.

Iconic ICO Crowdsale

Iconic offers an ICOs ecosystem created through the decentralized assurance. Iconic introduces NIC token that is an ERC20 Ethereum compliant. Please find relevant information below. To be part of this visionary ecosystem, please visit :

Token supply: 500,000,000 with no reposition

Min. number sold at ICO: 85,000,000

Max. number sold at ICO: 425,000,000

% sold at ICO and Pre: 85%

Token price at ICO: 1 ETH = 30,310 NIC

Payment methods: ETH

Unsold tokens: Destroyed 72 hours after ICO finish

Escrow: Multi-signed account with independent and inconspicuous management

Smart Contract source:

Schedule: PRE-ICO 02/08/2018–02/20/2018 | ICO 03/01/2018–03/31/2018!

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