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Skychain: A Neural Network in Every Home!

With the explosion of the ICOs nowadays, it becomes difficult to differentiate and fully understand the technology behind them and becomes possible to miss promising projects, because it takes a long time to examine the project, its vision, experiences of team members and potential contributions to the specified field. After comprehensive and in-depth research, today, we would like to share the brief analysis of a project that will be one of the most influential projects ever introduced so far. Skychain! Skychain presents an open and distributed neural network to provide accurate diagnoses and a chance to have access to specialists and organizations based on blockchain technology. In other words, lots of laboratories, corporations, and artificial neural network (ANN) producers will come together, and consumers will have an opportunity to access to their neural networks.

According to the predictions, AI (artificial intelligence) market in medicine will be a huge one shortly, so the founders of the project aim to be a dominant actor in this field by developing the best open infrastructure.

Skychain is developed to be a sharing economy and to assist doctors as well as patients for precise diagnostics at first. Thanks to the technology behind the project, it will be used not only for medicine but also for building, fast distributed training and many other fields in the future.

Skychain team members realized that there are increasing numbers of patients who die due to fatal results of the incorrect diagnoses. They state the primary reasons of these false diagnoses as narrow doctor views, lack of experience, lack of time for the comprehensive analysis, spending lots of time because of documentation, the problem of determination of an unusual disease using X-ray, CT, MRI, etc. , and dependence on subjective doctor experience. However, medical diagnostics will alter and be much more accurate thanks to the development of artificial neural networks, because ANNs can provide more accurate diagnoses than many doctors, to prescribe treatment and change it according to the new information and data received. How do ANNs do this? They are designed to record mass amount of data obtained from hospital patient data and to use medical researchers and references at the same time. Hopefully, the number of successful diagnoses and treatment will tremendously increase thanks to the development of the Skychain shortly!

Moreover, Skychain offers several advantages: Uploading any ANNs trained by specialists and laboratories and receiving payments. -Being a data marketplace, usage of computing resources of the miners (provides smooth operation of the system). -Open distributed storage of ANNs based on blockchain technology and most importantly — The abili

ty of non-stop learning with the addition of new information and experiences.

In addition to these advantages, Skychain introduces some interconnected modules that make the system fully functional and efficient. These modules are:

SkyUI: Interactive dialogue with a doctor or patient

SkyEngine: Core of the artificial neural network



SkyTherapist: Treatment protocols

SkyTraining: Self-training module

SkyMobile: Official application to get services easily

In short, Skychain identifies the current problems in medicine and offers incredible solutions and services to contribute to the medicine, technology, and human development. Skychain team members openly state that they are willing to devote their lives to this project using and combining their in-depth knowledge and experience in the blockchain, artificial neural networks, IT in medicine, sharing economy and cryptography. What a beautiful plan to be part of it!

Token Sale

Start Date: 26 February 2018 (00:00 CET) End Date: 8 April 2018 (23:59 CET)



Skychain ICO is Finished! 10.3 million Tokens Sold!

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