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Omnitude: Transformation of the eCommerce

Since the market share of the eCommerce becomes enormous and prominent currently with the development of the technology and dynamics of the globalization, for the smooth functioning and advancement of the market, existing problems and pitfalls have to be resolved by progressive ideas. At this point, a visionary team comes up with an excellent project. Omnitude! (

Based on principles of being open, secure and transparent, Omnitude aims to develop a platform where all the blockchain technologies, eCommerce platforms and enterprise schemes meet by integrating blockchain technology with existing structures.

Omnitude will help to establish transparent manufacturing and supply chains, decrease the number of fraud incidents, enable using single customer identity for all sites, and harmonize enterprise systems like ERP & WMS. One fantastic feature of the platform is to open the platform anyone who wants to design and create applications for the further integration.

The primary purpose of the development of this platform is to be a middleware that mixes and combines blockchain technology and current systems to promote the eCommerce industry. To achieve this ultimate goal, Omnitude is going to commence its platform at first. Later, team and community are going to begin the creation of Omnitude Apps that will have a significant role in focusing on particular use cases.

The Omnitude team offers ECOM Token that will be used to be part of Omnitude ecosystem. Fundamentally, it will be a native method of settlements, a way to encourage users to manage and secure the platform, and an instrument to increase the amount of fund that will be used for the advancement of the Omnitude project. Moreover, to store and use the tokens, Omnitude Wallet will be available for the participants.

As stated above, Omnitude addresses existing problems and presents valuable solutions. For instance, as a solution to eCommerce fraud incidents and identity theft, the platform provides the single identity and single reputation feature using blockchain technology. Several systems and apps such as Omnitude Identity (OID), Omnitude ClientApp, Proof of Interaction, and identity confirmation also will contribute to the solutions offered by the project. Also, Omnitude introduces a system and Omnitude Tracker App that tracks all the supply chain actions securely deploying smart contracts to solve the supply chain issues (tagging all the items with cryptographic identifiers). Lastly, to cut down overall cost and fees (replace them with decreased blockchain fees), the platform will support a payment structure based on cryptocurrencies-especially ECOM Token.

Be part of this revolution and do not miss the main token sale! It will run between March 28 and April 25, 2018! Visit

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