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Bitcoinus: The Future of the Cryptocurrency Payments

Recently, the interest in cryptocurrencies grow unexpectedly, and various visionary projects emerge exponentially. Most of the projects are designed to offer ultimate solutions to real life problems with the help of the blockchain technology that is the future of technology. Today, we are going to introduce you one of the most amazing projects out there that will reshape the blockchain payment methods and contribute to the development of cryptocurrency market incredibly. Both individuals and businesses should be excited because Bitcoinus will transform the crypto-payments processes making all of them fast and secure in a revolutionary way! We would like to focus on services, features, and solutions that are offered by the Bitcoinus team members.

Bitcoinus aims to design a platform where all the individuals and businesses enjoy the integration of over two hundred viable and usable cryptocurrencies, so all the customers will be able to find an answer to their requests in the cryptocurrency world thanks to the platform. Also, Bitcoinus provides an outstanding security feature protecting crypto assets of the clients with the help of well-designed blockchain based KYC service. Therefore, Bitcoinus will minimize all types of security risks guaranteeing full security of identity and data.

Moreover, Bitcoinus team observes the explosion of the e-commerce market in last decades as well as existing problems. Regarding transaction speed, current systems fail to provide an excellent experience for the customers, but Bitcoinus will provide fast crypto transactions altering the interaction method of the operations utilizing blockchain technology. Forget about all the delays, waiting for funds or receipts for one week or even two weeks! Because of the sophisticated algorithms, all the customers will be able to receive their funds in up to 2 SECONDS. Heard it right, we had a reason to state that Bitcoinus is a revolutionary project!

It is also significant to mention another exciting feature of the Bitcoinus: Incredibly low transaction fees-almost free. Bitcoinus team members are willing to contribute to advancement services within the cryptocurrency world focusing on the better payment system. To achieve this ultimate goal, Bitcoinus will provide free transactions service-ZERO COMMISSION for 24 MONTHS for the first 1000 e-commerce businesses!

Bitcoinus introduces a unique transaction algorithm based on the principle of simplicity, so the algorithm has less complexity and fewer layers featuring low cost with the help of blockchain technology. Thanks to the low-cost fees, Bitcoinus will provide an exceptional, cost-effective alternative to existing payment systems and helps businesses to consider cryptocurrencies and adapt them.

Bitcoinus will offer 0% payment processing fee for 24 months for the first 1000 e-commerce businesses! After the offering, Bitcoinus will still charge low-cost fees.

Furthermore, the platform transforms the terms of customer experience and the reliability in the sector because of the merchant reputation system where trusted merchants and clients meet in a secure environment. Bitcoinus will monitor all the transactions in the system and customers will be able to rate merchants and provide valuable feedbacks to promote trust and transparency.

Bitcoinus will be superior and dominant game changer disrupting the existing systems due to the decentralized online payments service. Features of the project will lead to expedition the ultimate market growth, and development of protected, detectable and instant payments. Hence, utilizing over two hundred cryptocurrencies at first, Bitcoinus addresses the creation of the advanced payment system. The platform will combine fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies in a progressive environment with the development of unique plug-ins, online user-friendly payment elements, the feature of in-store payments, instant payment notifications (IPN), and various integrated buttons.

BITS Token

Bitcoinus offers BITS tokens that is an ERC20 Ethereum compliant with the 65 million total supply. BITS holders will be able to pay fees in the platform using the BITS tokens (after 24 months), be part of merchant reputation system, take advantage of sales offered by retail partners. Moreover, holders will enjoy high profits because team tokens will be locked for one year to prevent market manipulation and BITS will be listed in significant cryptocurrency exchanges after the ICO.


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