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DBrain: Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

From the very first day of the invention of the blockchain technology, it has become a contemporary phenomenon that helps to transform and reshape various industries and offers terrific solutions. Similarly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the biggest innovation story of the 21st century, but the extensive adoption of AI has challenges at the moment such as data security issues, data quality issues, shortage of high-quality datasets and the absence of the common framework for all. At this point, experienced team members observed these challenges and decided to offer fantastic solutions with the help blockchain technology aiming at the creation of affordable as well as a scalable toolkit for developing, integrating and deploying AI apps. Today, we are going to talk about this fantastic team and their unique platform: DBrain. ( )

Fundamentally, DBrain team offers a platform where crowd workers and data scientists come together, and process raw data to reach real-world AI solutions. Dbrain platform is designed to provide a production line to organize the works of all participants. In the platform, crowd workers will be able to work on data labeling and validation to get payments in cryptocurrency immediately. Then, data scientists will begin to train Neural Networks (NN) and create AI apps with the help of those datasets. Therefore, DBrain provides a fascinating service for the automation of AI production and data system.

The DBrain platform utilizes the Ethereum network and smart contract technology that allows the deal with significant numbers of transactions in a secure and independent environment providing decentralized access. In fact, DBrain uses two blockchain protocols that are SPOCK protocol (Subjective Proof of Crowdwork Protocol) and PICARD(Protocol for Indirect Controlled Access to Repository Data). As SPOCK provides the automatic verification of data quality and ensures the real-time, open and fair billing, PICARD serve as a protocol that preserves datasets and AI applications and enables data scientists to train AI models and sell them to business customers. Therefore, thanks to the blockchain technology, DBrain platform supports the administration of the superb data labeling, security issues, intellectual property rights and international micropayment. DBrain combines current financial computation base and blockchain technology providing high-quality, easily accessible and affordable AI products.

DBrain introduces its products that are the web application, Telegram bot, and mobile application. Firstly, web application ( integrated with Ethereum (DApp)) provides an advanced tool and sophisticated interface for crowd workers, so they can work on data labeling and validation duties.

Secondly, DBrain creates the unique Telegram bot which enables smartphone users to work on simple image labeling and validation tasks. Thanks to the Telegram bot wide range of users will be able to join this unique platform.

Thirdly, DBrain builds the mobile app for the participants so that they will be data providers designing new data such as GPS coordinates, video, audio, photos, acceleration and touch input.

DBraincoin (DBR)

DBrain offer DBR Token which is an ERC20 Ethereum compliant. DBR holders will be able to use their DBR as internal currency. Participants will pay for usage as well as earn DBR for their works.


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