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FamilyPoints: Inner Peace for Parents Worldwide

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As the interest in cryptocurrencies increases enormously, several teams come up with new ideas and new solutions utilizing the blockchain technology frequently. We aim to introduce you only promising and visionary projects that offer real-life solutions, and today we would like to mention an exciting one especially for the parents, FamilyPoints! Fundamentally, the FamilyPoints team presents a platform based-on blockchain technology where parents will be able to collect rewards from their purchases (maternity as well as baby products), spend those rewards points on various services for their children. (

FamilyPoints team observes that there is a considerable global market for parenting and significant potential, but there are several issues regarding parenting products because of the structure and services of traditional parenting markets. For example, it is difficult to find reliable products and services for affordable prices, because of the various costs of the businesses in the sector, most of the parents are ready to pay more for reliable and useful quality products. Also, due to the manipulations and incorrect comments and reviews on parenting products, a considerable number of parents are not willing to buy those products online because of their skeptical approach, so it is significant to note that there is trust problem in the market. After the comprehensive research and market analysis, the FamilyPoints team decides to establish the platform where service providers, companies, experts, and parents meet, so existing problems in the market will be resolved thanks to the experiences in the parenting market, knowledge of the Chinese market, broad network and connections of FamilyPoints team.

Utilizing the scalable blockchain technology, the FamilyPoints team created the platform based on three fundamental values that are economic value, integrity, and education. Participants will be able to enjoy safe and transparent transactions, rewards, referral programs, education services as well as reviews. Due to the existence of the open ecosystem, it will be easy to follow and track products and evaluate the company according to their reports. When parents make purchases, they can earn rewards (5% to 40% cost of the acquisition). Then, they check various services in the ecosystem such as educational videos, classes, insurance, and family holidays (even cash in the future) and they are free to spend those rewards on these services. Primarily, parents will be able to collect points as rewards from the purchases, incentives for experience ratings and product reviews and awards for being a product tester. They will spend the points on educational content, consulting with experts, live streaming, and early education centers.

At the moment, parents can benefit from educational services like contact to experts, online courses and parenting library. Ecosystem enables parents to post contents and provide feedback, so they may contribute to the emergence of FamilyPoints community that will enhance the sense of trust and honesty in the ecosystem. It is also relevant to state that FamilyPoints has 1.5million real subscriber base thanks to the and private connections, so huge companies are genuinely interested in the platform because of the enormous potential of the platform. Selecting only leading companies and products and eliminating the marketing and product discovery, FamilyPoints aims to reduce the costs incredibly. Moreover, Referrals Program attracts third-party services, so they try to reach much more customers with the help of the platform. As such, they encouraged to invite their current customers to the platform. Therefore, due to the mutual relationship, Referral Program will help the platform to grow, and FamilyPoints will begin to achieve the ultimate goal: transform the parenting market and resolve the problems in the sector.

In the end, parents will be able to buy trusted and good-quality products for their children in a secure and transparent environment enjoying earning rewards and spending them. Moreover, blockchain technology promotes the security and trust in the platform resolving one of the most significant problems in the sector, so parents take advantage of transparent, independent, verifiable information without manipulations and misleading contents due to the lack of influences and disruptions of third-parties. Therefore, parents will reach trusted, affordable, and good quality products (benefitting from various services of the ecosystem) FamilyPoints has a massive potential since the market itself has significant potential, and the projects offer multiple solutions to existing problems so that FamilyPoints will be a leading platform in all the countries, in the sector in general.


The team members have more than 40 years of experience in education for parents, e-commerce and distribution, production and manufacturing, community commerce management, web platforms and blockchain, and video content production and distribution.

FamilyPoints Token (FPT)

FamilyPoints offers the FamilyPoints Token (FPT) which is an ERC20 Ethereum compliant and users will be able to take advantage of discounts in the ecosystem and use the tokens to buy specific products and receive rewards.

Join the ICO, be part of the community and enjoy the exponential growth!


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