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AirPod: Your Private Unit In The Public Spaces Across the Globe

Most of us travel around the our countries or around the world boarding the planes, and some of us have been transit passengers for sure. Imagine you are a transit passenger and have to wait for a long time in the airport or you arrived really early, or your flight is delayed. How would you want to spend time or what would you need during these long hours? Would you like to relax finding a place to nap or have fun watching your favorite series or the latest movies and listening music? You may want to complete your tasks if you are a busy business traveler or want to find a secure place for your belongings. At least, you would demand privacy, right? All the passengers who have to wait in the airports for a long time have already desired all of these. Time to be excited our fellow travelers, time to have AirPod!

The company (Mineko Pharma & Engineering Limited) founded in England and Wales is creating the AirPod product and the platform offering revolutionary solutions to issues mentioned above. AirPod team members focus on building a platform utilizing the DApp based on blockchain technology and tokenization feature. AirPod aims to provide unique and fully functional units promoting the latest technology and luxury for all passenger with the affordable prices so that passengers will enjoy already installed space for them. Utilizing the blockchain technology and advanced features of the product, AirPod will beat the competitor being the market leader approximately in two years.

AirPod supports the blockchain technology as the company objectives rely on the entire adoption of it and travelers will use the APOD tokens to rent the AirPod units. Moreover, the team creates a platform based on the blockchain technology as a marketplace where participants enjoy the Sponsorship Programs. With the help of the blockchain technology, the platform will verify the contracts and connect all the units across the globe, so the distribution of the units will be possible in a franchise model.

Passengers will enjoy the high-tech private units spending time while relaxing, working, sleeping or having fun. AirPod defines the units as the state of the art products where travelers find what they desire and even more. Team members have the excellent strategy as well experience, so in a short period, passengers will begin to enjoy their private space in all major international airports. The team also focuses on the establishment of partnerships that will foster the utilities, business and the distribution of the units around the world.

When we look at the alternatives, passengers may choose to sleep on airport seat or terminal floors, book a hotel or airport lounge, find a solution in the fledgling sleeping pod market or book my room by the hour apps. However, none of them offers convenient and affordable space, and they can be chosen only for sleeping and nothing more.

It is significant to state that team members have already analyzed the existing pods, but found them incredibly inconvenient, small and uncomfortable designed only for sleeping. However, offering a private capsule style unit, the team creates the product not only for airports but also for railway or bus stations, hotels, shopping centers as well as offices. Primarily, the product is designed for the people who need private space while in a public place, and users will be able to take advantage of Wi-fi, touch screen monitor, air conditioner, sound reduction technology, privacy blinds in the smart glass, mood lighting and even anti-stress program! Therefore, passengers who suffer from delays, long check-in times and extended transfers can find a private, convenient and affordable place enjoying the fully functional features.

Please see the advantages and unique features below:

APOD Tokens

AirPod offers the APOD Token that will be used for the renting units constituting the internal AirPod economy. Holders of the APOD will be able to benefit from AirPod services and use the units. Moreover, they may be part of the AirPod Sponsorship Program, and in the future, they may be part of Self-Expanding Real Business Economy. Join the ICO and enjoy the promising and valuable APOD tokens!



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