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DocTailor: A Huge Contribution to Spread of Blockchain Technology With The Self Customised Smart Leg

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Although most of the people around the world are not aware of the potential of the blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market, interest in the market and the emerging projects expands faster than expected along with the investments. According to some robust predictions, the market value will be $10 trillion by 2030 and most of the industries will be transformed and reshaped by the blockchain technology and advanced versions of it. The blockchain technology is not fully adopted by the most of the sectors at the moment, but it is important to note that the technology has been undetected and undiscovered so far in general while the technology has been adopted more widely in some sectors than others. Like most of the relatively new technologies, the blockchain technology has some early limitations, but today we are going to introduce you a fantastic project that offers reasonable and applicable solutions to cope with the problems of widespread adoption of the technology: DocTailor! (

DocTailor aims to provide a user-friendly platform that facilitates the painless and straightforward access to the smart contracts, cryptocurrency, and blockchain utilizing the third party API integration and the combination of the customized smart contracts and third-party systems. Therefore, all types of businesses will be able to enjoy cryptocurrency economy easily building and employing smart contracts. When we think of existing methods of smart legal documents, most of the users including businesses, individuals as well as organizations are dealing with several issues such as high costs and spending lots of time. DocTailor team members being aware of the existing challenges for all decide to resolve them building an automated legal document platform utilizing the self-customized smart legal documents based on the blockchain technology. Therefore, users will take advantage of the uncomplicated application of the smart contracts enjoying the low costs spending less time.

Moreover, it is significant to state that DocTailor team members are highly experienced developers mastered the blockchain technology and able to come up with new ideas to foster and advance the technology. In fact, some of the team members are experienced in the development of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology so that DocTailor platform will be developed further deploying the AI-focused features as well as schemes.

Furthermore, regarding clauses, participants will be able to make a choice evaluating around 10,000 pre-created legal provisions, and preferred clauses can be merged into the document systems. Thanks to the document structuring feature and formatting, users will create new contracts much faster and easier and download them in desired formats. In addition, users will benefit from the transparent and clear ecosystem because all the templates will be secured on the blockchain and they will be able to audit contracts and recipients because of the tracking feature. The platform also offers contract management, authentication and smart contracts that will provide a better user experience in a secure and reliable environment.

In general, DocTailor is creating a unique ecosystem that will overcome the early challenges of the blockchain technology contributing to widespread adoption of the technology. Focusing on the ultimate goal, the platform will provide several services and features such as enhancement of the access to customized smart contracts, facilitation of the smart contract development, acquisition and distribution and development of the user friendly payment options. Moreover, participants will be able to use DocTailor’s DOCS token and other cryptocurrencies in the platform which operates on B2B, B2C and P2P basis deploying the real world business frameworks. DocTailor platform will also administer and monitor the deployed smart contracts and blockchains, so all types of participants will enjoy the reliable and user-friendly ecosystem. Therefore, DocTailor will definitely contribute to the further adoption of the blockchain technology offering solid and robust solutions for all featuring several advantages and unique characteristics.

DocTailor’s DOCS token & ICO

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