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StealthCrypto: Quantum Mesh Network Based On The Blockchain Technology

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The blockchain technology has begun to transform and reshape most of the industries nowadays, but most of the people across the globe are not aware of the blockchain revolution or are not able to catch up with the latest developments while interest in the cryptocurrencies increases day by day. Our primary goal is to reach out as many as people we can, so much more people enjoy the fruits of the technology. Today, we have decided to briefly explain the StealthCrypto™ project, because it may be difficult or time-consuming to fully comprehend the white paper released by the team as the StealthCrypto™ offers sophisticated features and products.

As the blockchain technology serves as a digital recorder employing the data sets in the data centers, there is an increasing necessity for the adoption of new strategies. StealthCrypto™ (patented product of StealthCrypto), utilizing the blockchain technology aims to create the biggest decentralized and self-sustainable mesh telecommunications network as well as data storage maintaining fast Internet access across the globe. Against the increasing challenges and threats, StealthCrypto™ will provide the long-term data preservation thanks to the quantum key generation as well as distribution, so the cloud storage, IoT, and communications will be highly protected and fast.

We are going to explain the features, services, and products clause by clause briefly to make the details of the project understandable as well as comprehensible.

Stealth Grid™ aims to introduce various products and community elements, so participants will be able to purchase and take advantage of them using StealthCrypto™ coin.

Stealth Grid™ also presents the private and social crypto community elements integrating with each other: StealthCrypto Cloud™, StealthCrypto™, StealthCrypto™ Pay™, StealthCrypto™ Wallet™, StealthCrypto™ Smartphone ™, StealthCrypto™ Utility Token Offering. Therefore, Stealth Grid™ is building a consolidated and undivided mesh network supporting high quality and secured services.

The team members focus on the development of end-to-end Dynamic Split Encryption™ Dynamic Split GeoDistribution™ and quantum technology (quantum generation, key distribution, and authentication) to support the unique Quantum Cyber Security as the new phenomenon.

Aiming at the creation of secure, private and available ID systems, the team members build the Quantum Secure Digital Identity (QSDI) using the unique and sophisticated technology.

Stealth Crypto™ is a decentralized worldwide meshed network created by Stealth Grid™ that promotes the sharing economy model for network access and the establishment of communications. Thanks to the communications, users will be able to share their available data storage, bandwidth and mine them for profit. StealthCrypto™ also advocates the advancement of the free exchange of data storage and bandwidth.

Principally, a quantum mesh network refers to a network topology, and each node can relay data and supports the dynamic end-to-end quantum security encryption algorithm and authentication. When it comes to the unique StealthCrypto™ mesh network nodes, it is significant to note that each node backs the blockchain structure and establish the communication with other nodes. Therefore, StealthCrypto™ Network maintains the mining, secure contracts, wallet-oriented micropayment systems and management of the transactions.

In exchange for the wireless broadband connectivity, data storage, and roaming services, node owners will be able to gain native tokens with the help of codependent and autonomous StealthCrypto™ NAS unit routers.

Also, StealthCrypto™ Cloud™ represents the decentralized data storage supporting file sharing, encrypted email, call as well as instant messaging within the system. In general, Stealth Grid offers the decentralized mobile communication service for the smartphones utilizing the unique Quantum mesh network, and thanks to the secure the StealthCrypto™ phone, users will enjoy the full control of access and functions. Moreover, Stealth Grid introduces its decentralized StealthCrypto Cloud™ NAS System which is designed to be robust and sturdy to any attacks. Therefore, it securely connects p2p cloud storage to telecommunications, communications, IOT connections, mining and the ecosystem-supported by StealthCrypto™.

Be ready for the decentralized infrastructures: StealthCrypto™ is building decentralized and interconnected world where everyone enjoys the various real-life opportunities!


Pre Tokens Sale to start on January 28, 2018. And Public ICO will launch March 18, 2018 to April 18, 2018.



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