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Effect.AI: Extraordinary Decentralized Network for Artificial Intelligence

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The features of the information age and technological developments in the last decades has begun to contribute to human development, advancement of the businesses and emergence of the further technologies building an interconnected and interdependent world. Among the significant events, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the most excellent technological fields of study lately. Investments in AI and the number of professionals working on this field have started the increase enormously, and while the AI market grows day by day, some problems emerge in the area waiting for visionary resolutions. For instance, current features of the data processing stand out one of the most significant issues of the AI technology because of the issues of consuming resources as well as time substantially. Another one in the field is the challenge of diverging tasks that prevent the implementation of the technology in various areas intensifying the complexity of the application. In addition to these issues, it is significant to state that the computational cost of the algorithms constitutes a vital problem restricting the further advancement of the AI algorithms and the utilities of the technologies.

Acknowledging and contemplating the AI technology and the primary challenges, a talented and visionary team introduces us Effect.AI that stands for the decentralized ledger supporting the direct connection between supply and demand and offering unique solutions to the existing issues. Primarily, Effect Network offers the full range of accessibility supporting easy, rapid, user-friendly and affordable AI algorithm training. Moreover, Effect Network will provide the high level of accuracy thanks to the exchange platform for the AI applications and data sets, so users will be able to train AI algorithms efficiently. Users will enjoy creating the enriched and accurate datasets promoting the overall performance. Effect Network presents the advance technology integrating AI algorithms into blockchain technology and offers the decentralization of the AI supporting the interoperability between AIs. Therefore, thanks to this integration and decentralization, sophisticated combination of AI algorithms will emerge building unique and persuasive ability to perform.

Effect Network team members present the three highly developed, and sophisticated platforms run on NEO blockchain and powered by NEP5 compliant network token, EFX tokens. Hence, Effect Network will transform and reshape the current AI services demanding no fees and eliminating the obstacles to the deployment of the three phases of the Network. Before moving into the three phases, it is vital to talk about the unique Galaxy Pool. Effect Network team presents the Effect.AI Galaxy Pool (EGP) that is an administered pool and exchange system that supports the NEO, GAS, EFX and NEP5 tokens increasing the liquidity so that EGP will contribute to the enhancement and the advancements of the phases of the network. Firstly, the team introduces the Effect.AI Mechanical Turk (EMT) platform that constitutes the exclusive decentralized P2P marketplace. Inherently, EMT supports the crowdsourcing technology requiring the human intelligence, and requesters will provide the HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) and workers who finalized the HITs will be awarded EFX tokens thanks to the EMT platform. Secondly, when the team moves onto phase two, AI community will meet the Effect.AI Smart Market (ESM) which is a decentralized marketplace powered by the smart contracts on the blockchain. Participants will be able to exchange their applications and get EFX tokens as usage fees. In the last phase, the team will introduce us the Effect.AI Power as a final phase that enables the distribution of the actual computation. At this point, it is important to note that Deep Learning (DL) frameworks constitute the basis for the decentralized compute engine of the Effect Network, so it will be possible to distribute matrices on the decentralized file system and process them at various compute nodes.

Offering revolutionary solutions to existing problems and innovative features, Effect.AI will advance and develop the Artificial Intelligence technology thanks to the dedicated and hard-working team members and outstanding advisors (Charlie Shrem, Tony Tran, Sally Eaves, Steven Deurloo and more).


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