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European Crypto Bank: Premium New Generation Cryptocurrency Platform

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The invention of the blockchain technology and explosion of cryptocurrencies currently leads to the emergence of the relatively new markets and transformation of various sectors. It seems most of the industries will be advanced and developed due to the adoption of the new technologies. However, like most of the new and maturing technologies and services, there are some issues to be resolved in the cryptocurrency market. Compared to the existing traditional markets, the crypto market has a relatively small community. Historical charts demonstrate that people who entered the market in the last months of 2017 constitute the majority of the community. Therefore, most of the crypto services, wallets, projects, and exchanges are evolving and developing their services at the moment, but it is difficult to explore and evaluate various opportunities, level of quality, features, and advantages as well as disadvantages of the different platforms for a newbie investor or a trader. In addition to the confusing character of the existing markets, mutual trust, asset security, and transparency issues create a challenge to further development of the market.

Observing and acknowledging the existing issues and dynamics of the crypto market in general, European Crypto Bank (ECB) team members have come together and decided to offer robust solutions to current problems contributing to enhancement and advancement of the cryptocurrency world. They are establishing the unique Trading and Exchange Platform in London-primary commercial center in Europe, the European Crypto Bank Research and Innovation Center in Paris and the Global Tax Department in Milan. Moreover, it will be possible to get access to the ICO market thanks to the European Crypto Bank project. Most importantly, ECB aims to diminish the risks via Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology providing the anti-money laundering (AML), Know-Your-Customer (KYC), and wealth and asset administration services.

Masses will be able to reach out the cryptocurrencies, crypto services as well as blockchain utilities thanks to the user-friendly one-stop-solution supported by native Law Tax Rules. Moreover, users will benefit from the official guides prepared in various languages (French, English, Italian at first, later on, German, Spanish and Portuguese) and research findings and services developed by the unique Robot Advisors powered by the AI technology. Therefore, after the quick tutorial and having a comprehensive understanding of the cryptocurrencies and services, users will quickly and securely begin to invest and trade.

Furthermore, ECB, preventing all the attempts of money laundering, will provide the necessary domestic internal revenue services and will convert the crypto assets into all traditional assets in a reliable and transparent environment. Hence, users will not have to suffer from hostile attitudes of the existing bank systems converting their assets thanks to the ECB’s secure and advanced exchange platform which utilizes KYC and AML software services. In fact, team members have considerable experience in providing these services because they have used them for nine years in the wealth management business giving tax reporting for the national domestic tax revenue services in Germany, Italy as well as France.

In short, users will enjoy user-friendly interface, full security, incredible exchange functions, cloud trading, safe wallet, 24/7/265 monitoring service, tracking and reporting tools, stop-limit feature as well as excellent customer support experience. Also, European Crypto Bank will provide various cryptocurrency and FIAT services including commercial research findings and advice, AML compliance and tax reporting, KYC service, licensing contracts as well as robot advisors in a secure and transparent platform. Therefore, European Crypto Bank, becoming the leading Crypto Bank in short time, will provide advanced services resolving all the existing issues, because ECB creates a unique and sophisticated platform where investors find cryptocurrencies and traditional assets like shares, bonds, commodities and real estate together.


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