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Gym Rewards: Do Exercise Earn Tokens, The Best Motivational Project So Far!

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We all have looked for a fancy gym and a wingman to lose weight, shape up our bodies before the summer comes, but even though we have joined the gym paying lots of money, we have given up quickly losing our motivation. Other than people who are willing to stay in shape, there is an increasing number of people who need to go the gym regularly for the sake of their health and even survival, because especially in some countries, people suffer from obesity, weak heart and bones, and high blood pressure. Excellent remedy for them and all the humans across the world is the any exercise, period. Most of the people who live in cities are not able to find a space to exercise, run or play basketball, so when they feel motivated enough or realize their health problems, they prefer joining a gym. Mostly, common challenges for the people who decide to join a gym are time and motivation. Although there are various ways to increase their motivation such as finding a perfect gym, rewarding or tracking the progress, in most of the cases, people lose their motivation in time and spending their time for many other alternatives. At this point, we would like to introduce you a unique project which will help all the humans to have the high level of living standards. Gym Rewards! (

A creative and dedicated team presents the Gym Rewards project which will provide a valuable service for the humanity aiming at motivating people to become healthy by paying for their efforts. Gym Rewards team creates the decentralized proof of exercise token powered by the Ethereum blockchain technology. Participants will be able to mine exclusive GYM tokens with their body using a user-friendly mobile app. In other words, when the participants go to the gym and start to exercise, they will automatically earn GYM proof of exercise tokens, so the rule is simple: if you do more exercise you will gain more GYM tokens. Sounds amazing right?

Moreover, when users want to cash out, they will be able to redeem their GYM tokens at the local gym which provides the GYM Rewards service or trade them in the cryptocurrency exchange markets. Fundamentally, users will download the app, and then they will start the heart rate monitor and earn the GYM tokens, easy peasy lemon squeezy! Furthermore, Gym Rewards will increase the value and quality of the primary athletic events, because users will be able to become an event leader after the approval of their submission. Therefore, participants who promote the GYM Rewards app in the athletic events will benefit from the commissions earning GYM tokens. Besides, when users could not find a participant gym in their local area, they will have the opportunity to become a sponsor and earn cryptocurrency from the total mining in the area. All they need to do will be submitting the local gym and promote the GYM Rewards using their unique referral QRCode, so they will earn more GYM tokens when more people exercise utilizing the GYM Rewards mobile app.

In conclusion, GYM Rewards offers a revolutionary project that encourages the people to exercise more in return for the proof of exercise GYM tokens based on the blockchain technology. Users will be able to earn GYM tokens, track their progress, benefit from the wallet and monitor their heart rate regularly thanks to the advanced technology of the GYM Rewards.

GYM Tokens

GYM Rewards team offers the GYM Tokens which is an ERC20 Ethereum compliant, from the Plata Blockchain (Ethereum fork). The team chose the Plata Blockchain because it has some competitive advantages featuring the Proof of Exercise, Free Contract Submissions, and Fees based on the token itself. Participants will be able to part of this visionary and innovative project and have the opportunity to experience the benefits of the blockchain technology in real-life.

Join the ICO and Be part of this innovative project!


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