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PHI Token: The Unique Hybrid Robo Investing Platform

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According to the research findings and comprehensive reports, the Wealth Management industry expands day by day because of the high returns from bonds, new markets as well as American equity indices, but it is observed that inefficiencies and high costs within the sector constitute significant issues to be solved. Although the industry seems operational and reliable at the moment, due to the existing problems and incompatible trends, it will not be possible to sustain current outlook. Besides, Wealth Management market experiences severe challenges because of the Fintech companies like Robo Advisors, so current system and structure will not be able to compete with newly advanced rivals. In this regard, today we are going to introduce you another fantastic project that focuses on the wealth management industry, current challenges and offers revolutionary solutions and features: Platform for Hybrid Investment (PHI). (

The experienced and talented team behind the PHI defines the significant challenges in the industry as the high costs (because of traditional and human-powered systems), restricted access to investment, offering the product which is not able to compete, and problems of transparency and not offering user-friendly services. According to their observation and fruitful research findings, the PHI team detects that there is an urgent need to transform and reshape the Robo Advisors, Wealth Mangement, and Asset Management. Team members realized the need for a unique and advanced digitalized platform that enables the investment in crypto assets promoting the value for industry managers. Therefore, DIAMAN Partners LTD presents the Platform for Hybrid Investment (PHI) which is a platform for investments in all types of assets supporting all the means of investment like crypto assets. Therefore, participants will enjoy the advanced digitized platform having full control of their investments. Still, wealth managers will play a vital role within the system, because they will be responsible for the detecting needs of the customers.

Essentially, PHI platform offers durable and robust solutions contributing to the development of the Wealth Management sector. Thanks to the sophisticated infrastructure of PHI, there will be less financial supply chains decreasing the overall cost of the significant services. Moreover, users will be able to benefit from various investment vehicles and from the competition between Wealth Managers and Asset Managers.

PHI aims to provide the transparent and secure system promoting trust within the platform, so PHI will adapt the Blockchain Document Management System (BDMS) which operates based the principals of immutability, authenticity, and timestamp. PHI Asset Management Platform-the Hybrid Platform powered by the blockchain technology will facilitate the collaboration, sharing, distribution as well as open source features. In addition to the Hybrid Platform, PHI will introduce some other products such as Securitization Cell Company, PIF and AIF Funds and DIAMAN Sicav to provide complete and better experience for the participants. Other than the commercial services of the Platform, users will benefit from Hybrid Platform for Advisory, newsletter and indicators services of the PHI. The Platform will also promote the commercial software and various tools such as Corporate Bond and Governative Rating Services, Funds Rating, Ex-Ante Equity, and Ex-Ante Crypto.

Acknowledging the power and the potential of the blockchain technology, PHI addresses the significance of the digitalization, gamification, diversification, and crypto assets, decentralization and sharing, and innovation and competition. Therefore, DIAMAN Partners decided to create this sophisticated platform supported by additional products and services as well as PHI Token™ based on the blockchain technology to offer innovative and promising solutions and services advancing and facilitating the Wealth Management industries.

ICO & PHI Token™

Holders of the PHI tokens will be part of the this unique platform. They will use PHI as payment and hold PHI as stake. They will also take advantage of buy back and burn programs.

You need to complete KYC on before joining the ICO.

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