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Swapy Network: Making Global Access To Credit Possible

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All the research findings and statistics show that current financial institutions do not provide the standard level of financial services and credits to billions of people across the globe due to the current economic structure and banking system. Because of the skeptical analyses and approaches, the risk management teams of the institutions are no willing to offer affordable credits and services for the people who live in underdeveloped and developing countries as well. Thanks to the deep understanding of the field and valuable experiences, Credit Dream, Inc company founded Swapy Company to offer durable solutions to issues in the commercial sector. Mainly, they detect three primary problems that need to be solved as soon possible that are the information asymmetry, the high cost of the capital as well as the banking infrastructure.

The strong and experienced team presents the decentralized protocol Swapy Network where all the actors in the commercial industry such as borrowers, creditors, data consumers, data producers come together in a collaborative ecosystem. The actors will be able to take advantage of the affordable and high-quality financial services efficiently due to the advanced technological features of the Swapy Network. Participants of the ecosystem will pay the fees within the Network using SWAPY tokens, so the platform offers value for the SWAPY holders. Fundamentally, Swapy Network supports the advancement of credit provides lowering the costs of capital and providing a space for the high-quality data network that diminishes information gap. Thanks to the quality of data and data network, creditors will be able to take minimum risks due to the well-decided lendings with lower rates. Meanwhile, new companies will enjoy reduced entrance barriers because of the decreased cost of capital and the information network. In the end, Swapy Network will resolve the issues related to nominal interest rates eliminating the existing disparities and supporting the cost-effective transactions. Also, Swapy Network will serve as a unique platform where all the participants will benefit from data security as well as privacy.

Furthermore, to achieve the ultimate goal, Swapy Network creates three interdependent applications that are the Swapy Exchange, the Swapy Financial ID, and the Swapy Data Market. We will briefly explain each of them to provide the better understanding the of this fantastic project with an innovative ideal.

Firstly, the Spawpy Exchange is a marketplace where international investors and credit companies from all around the world come together enjoying cost-effective, global and secure money markets. Secondly, Swapy Company introduces Swapy Financial ID that will be acceptable in every corner of the globe providing a commercial identity for people. Therefore, people will have the unique digital commercial character that will promote the privacy as well as data integrity. Lastly, the company presents the Swapy Data Market which will provide enormous benefits for the participants, because the financial data will be transformed into unique value thanks to the sophisticated decentralized tokenized system because participants will be able to trade their financial information earning tokens. Moreover, thanks to the infrastructure and data system of the Swapy Data Market, new entrants will take advantage of the reduced entrance barriers as the data of masses will not be available for big companies anymore. Therefore, people around the world will have the opportunity to be part of the commercial systems and have access to credit much more efficiently. Featuring self-sovereign identity, B2B fundraising, data sharing, data ingestions and insights consumption, and with the help of three integrated applications, the Swapy Network will achieve the ultimate goal: make the universal access to credit possible.


The Swapy Network team introduces the SWAPY utility token as the fundamental unit of value within the ecosystem. SWAPY will allow the users to get payments in exchange for their data, and holders will be able to pay service fees in the system using the utility tokens. Also, SWAPY tokens will be used as collateral within the system, so the value of the SWAPY is more likely to increase in time.

Join the ICO, take advantage of the benefits of the SWAPY tokens. Time to be part of the revolution of the global financial industry!


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