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Cool Cousin: The Sophisticated Decentralized Travel Agency For The Millennial

With the spread of the Internet all around world, behaviors, and choices of the people have been transformed thanks to the changing habits, preferences, understanding of shopping and access to knowledge with the increasing number of options. As such the industries, businesses and consumers have adopted the Internet and it becomes a significant part of our daily lives. Among the leading sectors, tourism has been deeply affected and reshaped by the recent trends especially the Internet. For example, tourism agencies, booking businesses and reviewing companies such as Priceline, Airbnb, Booking, TripAdvisor and many others have increased their revenue in the last years, and people across the world use the services of these companies every single day. However, there are some issues related to the service, business strategies and structures of these companies. Due to the scale plans and centralized nature of these large businesses, customers are impressed by the illusion of unrealistic options and diversity. Customers cannot reach the services of smaller sized companies because in most cases, these companies using their vast resources manipulate the search engine results, so it is difficult to check alternative services. Also, increasing mistrust, tendency to look for alternatives, constant disappointing incidents seem eye-catching issues in the sector. It is important to note that there is a rising awareness and complaints among the customers, mainly who use these tourism services frequently.

The VC-backed firm Cool Cousin offers the decentralized ecosystem based on blockchain technology to adopt the latest techniques and advance the sector, services, and customer experience. The ecosystem will ensure the security and straightforwardness of the services and information shared by the travelers and locals across the globe offering a unique adventure. Millennials will benefit from the functions of the Cool Cousin to reach out the reliable and transparent information quickly.

Cool Cousin introduced the Beta in 2016, and over 500k travelers have begun to use the services enjoying the guides and Cousins’(brand new travel agents) decent tips. After the acknowledgment of the recent issues as well as desire to adapt blockchain, Cool Cousin decided to build the ecosystem utilizing the exclusive CUZ cryptocurrency. Travelers will be able to get access to trusted and affordable information from the locals providing them revenue. More travelers are beginning to take advantage of the services, so considerable size of the network is emerging at the moment with the spread of the Cool Cousin.

Thanks to the tokenized characteristic of the ecosystem, Cool Cousin is not only reshaping the industry but also contributes to the further adaptation of the cryptocurrencies across the globe. Travelers will take pleasure in having trustworthy friends in the cities where they want to visit. Therefore, travelers will have the opportunity to try alternatives other than mainstream platforms eliminating the unpleasant incidents. Ecosystem provides the service of exchanging the knowledge and tips connecting the travelers and locals supporting the transparent and secure experiences.

Travelers can use the Cool Cousin app or the web version to reach out the city guides and other tourism-related info provided by the Cousins filtering the guides by various categories. Travelers will choose the destination to get insider guide and search for the Cousins using the filter to find the best match. After the selection, travelers will have access to personalized city guide and Cousin’s advice as a map available both online and offline. Travelers will have the opportunity to communicate with Cousins sending direct messages and Cousins become the travel agencies of the most significant decentralized ecosystem.

Participants of the Cool Cousin are Cousins, pro-Cousins, users, contributors, editors, the board of representatives as well as business owners. Cool Cousin will charge fees for the concierge services and travel agent services, affiliation, and grow even more with the help of contributions. Also, Cool Cousin introduces the solutions for the organizations as well as businesses such as municipality partners program, events and pop-up communities, special offers and promotional products. With the help of the complete vision and comprehensive analysis of the travel habits of millennials, Cool Cousin team is ready to operate in a giant market utilizing the latest technologies with the help the growing community and interactions.

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CUZ Token

Cool Cousin introduces the CUZ Token as the unit of account and store of value providing the exchange within the ecosystem.

Holders of the CUZ Token will be early adopters and contributors who will benefit from the growth of the company gaining huge profits.

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