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Wealth Migrate: Superior Real Estate Investment Platform

From the neighboorhood we live in the country we were born, we see the results, challenges, and occurrences that derived from the imbalanced distribution of the resources and economic inequality across the globe. Although many initiatives have emerged to solve the global disparities in the last decades, most of the people around the world do not have access to credits, financial services, real estate assets, natural resources, education, food, energy and wealth like others who have easy access to them. Especially for individuals, real estate investments and assets have become the leading way to preserve capital and accumulate wealth for years, but still, there is an enormous gap and inequality in the existing real estate markets.The experienced and talented Wealth Migrate team decided to create a unique platform that will eliminate the vast gap and offer robust solutions to current issues in the real estate markets.

As the real estate market constitutes the almost half of the wealth accumulation in the world, the value of the real estate assets seems indisputable for everyone. In this point, Wealth Migrate has introduced the Real Estate Marketplace to resolve the wealth gap problem in the world. The Global Wealth Group which manages the three other brands (Wealth Create, Wealth University, and Wealth Movement) is behind the Wealth Migrate platform. Participants can take advantage of the real estate investment services and tools having an excellent opportunity to pursue wealth and happiness and achieve them.

Wealth Migrate team aims to resolve the wealth gap in three phases. The team established the first version of the platform in 2013 and completed too many milestones since then. In the first Phase, Wealth Migrate aimed to design and offer the sophisticated model for the units of real estates. Thanks to the smooth selling process of the real estate units in more than a hundred countries, Wealth Migrate successfully proved the legitimacy and the functionality of its model. Hence, it is time to move into the second Phase, offering the digital token based on the blockchain technology to enhance the effect as well as the efficiency of the platform diminishing the overall costs. In fact, Phase 2 begins nowadays with the WealthE™ crowd-sale, so much more people will take advantage of the easy and affordable access to the real estate market purchasing and using the tokens.

After the end of the token sale, the project will enter into the third Phase, and primary goal is to spread the tokens and the platform all over the world, so every single person in any region will have the opportunity to enjoy various levels of the real estate assets and units. At the moment, participants from approximately 110 countries have subscribed to the Wealth Migrate Platform since 2016, and KPMG Leading Global Fin-tech Top 50 platform listed the Wealth Migrate platform.

Unlike the competitors, the Wealth Migrate presents the sophisticated and unique smart investment platform powered by the blockchain technology. With the WealthE™ tokens, the Wealth Migrate will move forward the business and services thanks to the experienced and dedicated team members. The Wealth Migrate has achieved the great success of real estate sales in Australia, USA, and the UK so far, and it seems the leading platform in the sector will be influential and dominant in the other regions of the world after the end of the second Phase.

When it comes to the uniqueness of the Wealth Migrate platform, it is significant to note the differences of the platform. Having the in-depth knowledge of the real estate sector, Wealth Migrate is always able to grow further with the global partnerships and working teams in every single region of the world.

Moreover, Wealth Migrate is the sole platform that proved itself as a trusted and secure real estate marketplace utilizing the blockchain technology. Furthermore, regarding the investment process, after Wealth Migrate detects the safe and trustworthy real estate partner and the diligence process, participants will be able to invest in the opportunities appeared in the platform taking advantage of the native token. Therefore, participants will not have to pay fees for the services of investor brokers, pension funds, private funds and real estate brokers in the old system. Instead, they will be able to invest in real estates quickly in a secure online environment with the help of eye-catching partners, great opportunities and without entrance barriers.

Besides, Wealth Migrate plans to develop the system of administrations of investor partner supplier partner, community member, currency, token and escrow, registry ownership and reporting, and sales listing and subsequent sales platform based on the blockchain technology.


Wealth Migrate introduces the WealthE™ Coin which will help the platform to decrease the level of the global wealth gap, to eliminate all the entry barriers and restrictions and to diminish the overall costs in the world. WealthE™ will contribute to the maintenance of the social commerce and collaborative investments, the emergence of the middle class in the markets, the spread of the utilities of the globalization, and massive adaption of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

WealthE™ will provide an opportunity for the democratization of the access to wealth around the world, and for the spread of the gamification and personalization of the investments. Join the token sale now and become a part of the Wealth Migrate platform which eliminates the wealth gap and democratizes the access to real estate market.

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