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Alt.Estate: Real Estate Tokenization and Trading Platform Based On the Blockchain Technology

As the real estate market constitutes the almost half of the global market, investments in the market and the expectations from it have become enormous recently, and the market offers considerable opportunities for all the parties in the sector. However, some issues in the market result in the complication of the investment and other processes, and the emergence of significant barriers. Principally, the absence of liquidity, tremendous threshold for the entrance, impractical and burdensome ownership transfers, fraud issues, high costs, and the issues regarding transparency and cross-border transactions comprises the fundamental challenges in the real estate investments. At this juncture, Alt.Estate Group which is a commercial technology firm introduces the Alt.Estate Protocol and the Alt.Estate Platform to propose robust solutions and resolve the existing issues in the real estate sector presenting the real estate tokenization powered by the blockchain technology.

The Alt.Estate Protocol which comprises the structure, legal agreements, tokenization as well as the technology will enable the tokenization of the real estate assets, so all the participants will be able to tokenize thanks to the Alt.Estate Protocol. Moreover, Alt.Estate Platform will be the marketplace for the sales and trades for the which will provide high liquidity and low costs. Fundamentally, the Alt.Estate Platform contains six modules.

Qualified and experienced Alt.Estate team displays the unique working prototype for the real estate tokenization at the moment, so it is possible to try the functions and operation of the project. Thanks to the Alt.Estate, participants will be able to benefit from the secure and efficient go-to-market strategy so that they will enjoy the fair and reliable economic incentives with their marketing budgets.

Alt.Estate introduces the decentralized platform based on the blockchain technology featuring peer-to-peer interaction between the parties, fast transactions, low costs, high liquidity, tokenization, and transparency. Therefore, Alt.Estate will provide secure and borderless access to the market for everyone, and offer low transaction costs and robust expertise. Participants will also be able to manage their investment portfolio investing in real estate assets all around the world in a secure, protected and transparent environment.

All the parties will take advantage of the advanced and sophisticated marketplace fully supported by the blockchain technology that will reshape and transform the traditional real estate market resolving the existing issues. All the participants will trade the real estate assets in small fractions in the platform, so masses will be able to be part of the overall real estate market in the long run. Alt.Estate guarantees the further adaption of the platform as well as the blockchain technology soon thanks to the constant communication with all the governments across the globe.

Moreover, crypto investors, as well as traditional investors, will take advantage of the Alt.Estate Platform. Crypto investors will be able to be part of the real estate investments using their cryptocurrencies, to expand their portfolio and to have real estate all around the world. Thanks to the Alt.Estate’s democratized nature, crypto investors will have the easy access to brand-new assets, and without waiting for the accumulation of the capital, everyone will have the opportunity to have real estate assets. Daily traders will see the arbitrage opportunities and gain high profits within the system. Similarly, traditional investors will enjoy the democratized structure of the real estate market, high liquidity, transparency and security, smooth cross-border transactions and absence of the information asymmetry. They also will benefit from the fraud protected processes, user-friendly platform, and the diversified real estate assets.

ALT Token Sale

Alt.Estate presents the Protocol utilizes the two-layer token model. Thanks to the SQM Tokens every single property in the platform will have its unique property-specific token. On the other hand, ALT Token will be the internal currency used as fuel of the Protocol within the Platform. Token holders will be part of the governance of Alt.Estate Platform and they will be assigned some roles.

Be part of the Alt.Estate and future of the real estate investment!

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