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Social Wallet: The Combination Of The Social Networks And The Blockchain Technology

As of today, social media platforms increasingly attracts more and more users reaching out the billions all around the world. Especially, with the spread of the mobile devices, social networks have become the irreplaceable and indispensable part of daily lives of people as the mobile internet has become accessible and affordable recently. Mobile users contribute to the spread of social networking platforms as they can easily contact with their family, co-workers, friends and every person who benefit from the digitization of the interactions thanks to the developing technologies and features of the social networks.

Similarly, after the invention of the blockchain technology, there is an eye-catching and increasing demand for the utilities of it because of the urgent need for the security, transparency, fast processes and transactions in almost all the industries and the markets in the world. Therefore, we are witnessing the rapid adoption of the blockchain technology in many sectors nowadays, as policies of Oracle, Visa, Microsoft, and IBM constitute the great examples of adoption of the blockchain technology.

Social Wallet team aims to combine the social networks and the blockchain technology promoting the further adoption of the cryptocurrencies and the further spread of the social media platforms, having the in-depth knowledge and experience. According to the founders of the platform, Social Wallet is a sophisticated platform that enables the cryptocurrency transactions within the various social media platforms powered by the blockchain technology. Hence, users will enjoy the fast, secure, affordable and straightforward operations thanks to the Social Wallet and unique Wire tokens.

The dedicated and talented Social Wallet team intends to offer a sophisticated service which enables the sending and receiving the cryptocurrencies via Email, Twitter, Facebook and all other social networks, so users will be able to send cryptocurrencies to their friends, parents, colleagues, celebrities and anyone else using only their social media usernames.

Simple Process

Acknowledging the potential of the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology, and the relatively low level of awareness at the moment, Social Wallet team presents the Social Wallet Initiative that addresses the spread of the blockchain technology and education of the masses on this realm promoting the social networks. The team aims to transform the way of social media usage and the overall approach to the platforms supporting the further development of the social networks and utilizing the fantastic blockchain technology. Therefore, thanks to the Social Wallet Initiative will contribute to the mass adoption through education.

Moreover, Social Wallet team presents the Social Wallet Debit Card powered by the blockchain technology that will provide the service for token conversion, transactions, and expenditure. Therefore, participants will be able to efficiently use their tokens wherever they want with their Social Wallet Debit Card. The Social Wallet team guarantees the advanced service and compliance with the Know Your Customer (KYC) as well as Anti Money Laundering (AML) agreements and requirements.

WIRE Token and ICO

The Social Wallet platform introduces the WIRE utility tokens which will be used as the accelerator for the social network transfers and transactions. WIRE tokens will promote the Social Wallet platform featuring master nodes and staking, block rewards, seesaw reward balance and quick sending. WIRE holders will take advantage of the growth of the platform and spread of the social networks as well as blockchain technology, and they will also benefit from the

Wire Token Earn Program.

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