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4th Pillar: Transformation Of The Human Resources With The Help Of The Blockchain Technology

As the global labor market and recruitment sector change and expand exponentially day by day, increasing costs, and traditional Human Resources understanding constitute significant challenges for the industry. Since the cost of paper (payroll slips, CV, forms), high rate of commissions paid to banks, slow and complicated processes have become enormous challenges, most of the businesses around the world realize the urgent need for the transformation and digitalization. Digitalization has begun to be a trend in almost all of the sectors in the last decades with the spread of the computer technology, softwares, and the Internet. Indeed, the emergence of the blockchain technology in recent years can be seen as an essential milestone in the technological development history, because it provides various unique services and features such as decentralization, smart contracts, security, quick transactions, low costs, and transparency. Therefore, there is the increasing number of projects nowadays that aim to transform most of the industries with the adaption of the blockchain technology, and some of the companies and sector have already become early adaptors of the blockchain.

After the valuable observation and accumulation of research findings period, the experienced and visionary team members introduce the 4th Pillar platform powered by the blockchain technology to solve the issues in Human Resources sector and accelerate the process of the digitalization of the industry. With the help of the advanced and sophisticated nature of the blockchain technology, the smart contracts the wallets, 4th Pillar platform will be a unique identity and commercial database for the organizations as well as individuals. Employees will be able to manage their identity data and unique FOUR tokens. Similarly, recruiters and employers will benefit from the fair and automatic evaluation system in the platform.

Without any discrimination, the system will evaluate the employees based on their educational background, additional courses, linguistic and professional capabilities, experience and performance utilizing the blockchain personal ledger identity. Also, thanks to the blockchain technology, 4th Pillar enables the peer-to-peer distribution of the documents, In other words, 4th Pillar mainly will provide the opportunity to manage digital assets, recruit people using an automated professional evaluation, and P2P documentation distribution. In addition to these incredibly innovative solutions, 4th Pillar will reduce the cost of cross-border transactions as well as bonus transfers, so both individuals and businesses will enjoy the features of the platform.

4th Pillar primarily offers solutions to challenges in sectors related to the commercial security and savings, employee recruitment processes, documentation. Firstly, both employees, and organizations, in general, suffer from the centralized, controlled and FIAT based nature of the traditional financial operations. Thanks to the 4th Pillar’s advanced features, users will take advantage of the secure and transparent business transactions as well decentralized savings. Secondly, although our data can be found on the social networking platforms nowadays, it has become hard to take control of individual information and identity. 4th Pillar will bring further digitalization with the sophisticated digital employee identity database utilizing the automatic evaluation feature so that individuals will take back the control of their identity and employers will be part of the time-saving and less costly platform. Thirdly, the slow process of distribution of contracts, slips, work annexes, medical, performance as well as work history reports and CVs and high costs of them have become an enormous problem for the Human Resources industry in general. In this point, 4th Pillar introduces the premium peer to peer documentation distribution feature providing speed, security, and privacy. Overall, without any intermediaries, participants will enjoy the management of their commercial transactions and crypto savings, digital identity solutions as well as exclusive documentation distribution. Therefore, due to the adaption of the blockchain technology, participants will benefit from the decentralized nature of the platform, protection from the effects of inflation, full control over financial data and identity, validated and automated evaluation, and cost reducing features.

FOUR Token

4th Pillar introduces the FOUR Tokens which will be used as the internal currency of the platform. Participants will use FOUR Tokens for the internal and external transfers, paying fees. Holders of the FOUR will have the opportunity to be part of this promising project, benefit from the features of the platform and enjoy the exponential growth.

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