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Robotina:Empowering The People In Energy Management

In the 21st century, there have been incredible transformations and shifts regarding human development, industries as well as resources all around the world. Notably, the technological advancements and release of the new computers, devices, and types of machinery have been led to the emergence of the information era. Like most of the sectors, recent trends and developments have been affected the energy sector considerably, and there have been several issues regarding the energy networks as well the energy grids as the energy consumption has increased exponentially in the recent decades. To be more specific, energy sector fundamentally suffers from the enormous demand rates, high costs for both operators and all types of users, the high cost of energy grids maintenance, and energy bases and environmental considerations.

Acknowledging the existing problems in the sector, a 28 years old Slovenian white-shoe firm in the energy industry Robotina introduces the Robotina Platform combining several advanced technologies. Since the establishment of the company and its manufacturing base R&D, Robotina has offered incredible solutions as well as services in various fields like energy, machine learning, infrastructure and many other industries thanks to the unique Internet of Things (IoT) powered hardware and its cloud software.

The experience and expertise of the company lead to the emergence of the fantastic and high tech Robotina Platform where all the IoT elements and Power Platform come together promoting the blockchain technology as well as artificial intelligence. The combination of the all unique and extraordinary techniques will bring about the developed sharing economy in the energy sector offering robust solutions. Fundamentally, participants and all types of the users will be part of this brand-new power network that upgrades the electrical power structure, provides the high-tech and high-quality services, reduces the overall costs and supports the community creation. In other words, participants of the Robotina platform will constitute the community taking advantage of the services and benefits regarding the energy solutions. Therefore, Robotina will enhance the infrastructure as well as services utilizing the participant engagement and establishing a sophisticated communication network working in the cloud and offered as Software as a Service. Participants will use and benefit from the Robotina services using the Web and Mobile app. They will visit the Robotina Platform Marketplace to buy the products (services, IoT things, data, smart services and power) in the software as well as hardware electronic store.

Both participants and businesses will benefit from the utilities as well as services of the distinguished character of the Robotina platform. Participants as community members of the Robotina will enjoy the full control over their role in the energy system, and productive and diminished energy costs thanks to the advanced pricing tools and technologies of the Robotina. They will take advantage of the safe and secure services of the platform thanks to the machine learning feature. Furthermore, community book will contribute to the friendly environment of the platform advocating the sharing economy model with the help of several services and options such as crowd buying, internal exchange, power and data trading, and other marketplace actions. Promoting the schemes of Energy Service Company and Virtual Power Plant, community members will be able to take part in the several projects released in the platform using Robotina utility tokens. Businesses and corporate participants will take advantage of the same benefits as other community members. Thanks to the efficient, transparent, reliable and profitable nature of the platform, both sides will help each other to grow further in the energy industry responsibly and efficiently promoting the mutual benefits. In the end, all the parties involving the evolution of the Robotina platform will be able to help the planet and contribute to the new valuable electrical power network. This development will be possible with the smart grids powered by the fruitful combination of the blockchain backed smart contracts, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things elements, high tech batteries as well as big data and cloud computing technologies. Essentially, Robotina will promote the energy and power exchange utilizing the smart grids within the platform. The Internet of Things will be the fundamental component of the platform for the smooth functioning and successful administration of the all the processes and services offered on the platform. Blockchain technology will support the smart contracts as well as Robotina Utility Token (ROX) that will provide transparency, security, quick transactions and trust within the platform and community itself. Similarly, machine learning, as well as artificial intelligence technologies, will constitute one of the most significant components of the system because these technologies will enable the multi-objective optimization and enable the further growth of the platform.

Robotina team presents the Robotina Core or the Core that primarily provides the services of the data processing, storage, trading and artificial intelligence application. Therefore, the Core will play a vital role in processing the data supplied by the Internet of Things elements, in working on the artificial intelligence algorithms, in utilizing the features of the blockchain technology, and in offering the other services that increase the quality of level of the user experience. Besides, Robotina introduces the fundamental part of the platform which is Cognitive Optimization System. COS will enable the multi-objective optimization and management of the Internet of Things.

Robotina ICO & ROX Token Sale

Robotina introduces the native ERC20 Ethereum compliant ROX token which will be the universal smart grid cryptocurrency soon. Participants will use ROX tokens for the all types of the transactions, subscriptions, and purchasing services, p2p power, hardware, and software within the platform. Also, participants will be able to take part in ESCO funding, voluntary and charity activities, and VPP using the ROX tokens. Holders of the ROX tokens will enjoy the exponential growth of the community and value being part of the visionary and revolutionary Robotina platform. Visit

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