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Cube Chain: The Premium P2P Marketplace Messenger and Unique AI Agent

Hello friends, today we are going to introduce a unique social blockchain platform based on the Cube Chain. Cube Chain can be referred as the 4th generation blockchain due to its revolutionary features and solutions. Cube Chain offers fantastic solutions to existing issues of blockchains regarding the data speed, block certification, and generation. This unique brand-new blockchain will facilitate the blockchain technology focusing on the escrowing, speed, double verification as well as data statistics, and accelerate the spread and adoption of blockchain technology. Also, computer clouding technology and smart contracts will come together within the Cube Chain supporting the development of a unique blockchain platform.

Cube Chain presents the CubeON that will be an open network that enables the participation of the P2P nodes as well as creators utilizing analytical processor. Essentially, CubeON intends to transform the current SNS business models thanks to its sophisticated platform that will provide incredible benefits for the creators. Content creators will be rewarded via stake or work functions within the system and enjoy high donations because of their excellent contents, and they will be able to get their rewards as tokens. In other words, creators will begin to share their contents on the platform CubeON platform based on the Cube Chain, and participants will reward their good works with tokens. Also, CubeON will enable the fast and secure data processing on the blockchain utilizing big data, so the combination of the blockchain technology and big data will promote the further development of them, and accelerate the quick adoption of the blockchain technology. Moreover, CubeON will provide the service for data management to ensure the security of the data system and operation as well. Participants will enjoy the social data analysis work that will transform the primary Internet services such as searching, communication, games, music, and e-commerce.

CubeON also introduces the ASM which is chatbot based on the artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. ASM will provide an excellent customer service promoting the big data, and participants, especially corporates, will have the opportunity to build their advanced call center taking advantage of the features and functions of the ASM. Moreover, participants who are willing to benefit from the ASM can diminish the existing customer support costs and use tokens for their processes. ASM will initially utilize the blockchain technology and big data at the same time to provide exclusive and automated customer support overcoming all the shortcomings of the current customer support systems with the help of machine learning technology. In addition to these features, ASM will provide online banking services like insurance, deposits as well as loans based on the blockchain technology, and corporates will be able to reward their participants using the tokens.

It is also significant to mention CubeChat that is fundamentally a marketplace utilizing the messenger feature. Thanks to the advanced technology of this unique messenger, participants will be able to execute their transactions based on the blockchain technology, because CubeChat supports the wallet, payments, and ledger within the system. In other words, participants of the Cube Chat can trade and complete transactions on the Cube Chain safely and securely without any intermediary. Cube Chain offers an innovative and progressive platform that provides safe and transparent data sharing opportunity by supporting the blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, chat-bot, SNS, and machine learning technologies.

Token Sale

Cube Chain introduces the Cube Chain (QUB) cryptocurrencies utilizing smart contract technology. Participants of the platform will enjoy QUB as rewards and benefit from the content shared within the platform. Holders of QUB will experience the 4th generation blockchain technology and further growth of the project.

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