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Asura World: The Superior and Sophisticated eSports Platform Powered By The NEO Blockchain

Hello folks, today we decided to introduce a fantastic eSports platform powered by the blockchain technology. As the eSports have risen incredibly in the recent years with the quick spread of live streaming, online as well as offline games all around the world. The variety of games and rapid developments in the technology have led to the emergence of a brand-new eSports community thanks to the opportunity to get easy access to the platforms and games in most of the countries. Parallel to the growth of the eSports community, market cap of the industry has reached the unpredictable levels recently, but there are some severe problems in the industry derived from the absence of reliable adjustments that all the parties have faced with. In some cases, participants of the platforms suffer from the loss of funds, game items, and game tokens, and blocked accounts due to the malicious activities, so existing platforms are not able to offer the transparent and secure environment for the users that will facilitate their eSports experience at the moment. In addition to these problems, participants of the platform sometimes have to deal with the identity security issues because most of the platforms take advantage of the sensitive information of the users or they are not able to protect personal data because of the lack of technical expertise or technological incapabilities.

After the comprehensive market analysis and research on the eSports, Asura team has dedicated to creating the Asura World platform which is a sophisticated and community-powered eSports platform based on the blockchain technology. Participants of the platform will enjoy the access to eSports betting and tournament live stream, licensed guides, community match-making, tournament hosting and unique community center. Asura World will be utilized and supported by the NEP-5 compliant ASA Coin that will boost the user experience providing fast, secure, and transparent payments and transactions. While users will benefit from the paid services and features, an opportunity to earn tokens via various channels, they will also get access to some free contents within the platform. After the launch of the platform on the NEO blockchain, participants will be able to involve in various activities within the platform, and Asura team will focus on Counter-Strike: Global Operations, Dota 2, King of Glory, and League of Legends at first. Then, Asura community will decide the addition of new games thanks to the community voting opportunity.

Offering ASA tokens, Asura Worlds will guarantee the impartial, unprejudiced, secure and transparent betting experience. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and revolutionary features of the platform, participants will take advantage of unique betting rules, community-voted bets being part of a warm community. Moreover, participants will be able to take part in global tournaments or watch them freely enjoy appreciating the advanced features of the platform. They will be able to host their tournaments or participate in other gaming activities in a fair environment thanks to the adaptation of the smart contract technology. Therefore, all the gaming rules, fee processing, and winnings will be determined automatically ensuring the security, transparency as well as fairness.

Furthermore, participants of the platform will be able to join community voting activities being part of the decision making processes of the platform. Based on such actions, Asura World will organize and host global tournaments frequently, and users will have the chance to take part in tournaments paying small fees. Others may enjoy this kind of events watching the tournaments via Asura World or Participants will also have the chance to share their ideas and enjoy the social network of the platform. The community hub will consist of sections of match and gameplay debates, general news, general content and stories, arcade mechanisms and many other features that will boost the power of the community. Besides, they will try to increase their Community Points involving various activities and platform features, and take advantage of the being part of the Asura World referral program, so they will have a chance to redeem their rewards as ASA Coins.

The Asura team creates ideal and promising Asura World platform based on the NEO blockchain offering real-life solutions to existing problems in the eSports industry. With the launch of the platform, Asura World will contribute to the further development and adaptation of both eSports industry as well as blockchain technology.

Token Sale

Asura team introduces the Nep-5 compliant ASA Coins which will strengthen the Asura World eSports platform. Holders of the ASA Coins will be able to take part in betting activities, host tournaments, participate in global tournaments, watch the ranked players, benefit from the community center services and share them with the other members of the community. Also, they will be able to earn ASA Coins thanks to the betting, matchmaking, creation of contents, community interactions and event participation within the platform.

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