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Epiphany: The Exceptional Digital Asset Exchange Platform Based In California

Hello our distinguished followers, today we would like to introduce a fantastic digital asset exchange platform powered by the NEO blockchain. As the interest in blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies has been increased exponentially in the recent years, various crypto services and exchange platforms have emerged all around the globe. Some of the challenges regarding variety and the quality in the crypto world have been overcome in time, but further developments and progress are expected by the existing community members and people who are not involved in the crypto markets. The innovative and talented EPIPHANY team members, at this point, have come up with the decentralized EPIPHANY digital asset trading platform in order to boost the decentralization as well as financial services with the help of the blockchain technology.

EPIPHANY platform will create transparent, reliable and sustainable decentralized platform for the participants aiming at the building unique universal networking society thanks to the EPIPHANY’s robust and diversified friendly association. Overcoming all the issues derived from the current centralized exchanges, EPIPHANY offers flexibility, ability to control over digital assets, security as well as innovative updates thanks to the decentralized crypto exchange platform based on the NEO blockchain. EPIPHANY guarantees the legal compliance and preventive measures against all types of crimes via cryptocurrencies so that participants will enjoy the multi-functional, sophisticated digital asset trading experience and the existence of deterrent anti-money laundering measures.

Fundamentally, EPIPHANY aims to offer robust solutions to existing issues caused by the centralized exchanges such as transparency, hacking incidents and loss of funds, lack of control over wallets and private keys, the absence of legal compliance, identity theft issues, centralization, delayed transactions and high trading fees. These problems constitute the severe challenge to the further growth of the community and quick adaptation of the blockchain technology. However, participants of the EPIPHANY platform will be able to have the control over their personal data, digital assets and all types of activities. In other words, they will benefit from the transparent, user-friendly, secure, and affordable cryptocurrency services of the EPIPHANY platform. Without any centralized server, EPIPHANY will ensure the smooth functioning of the transactions and activities within the platform thanks to self-sustainable and self-managed smart contract based on the NEO blockchain. Moreover, EPIPHANY aims to offer trustworthy and stable brokerage system enabling the access to the advanced trading analysis, guidelines, quantitative trading. Therefore, participants of the platform will take advantage of reliable trading information specializing in the crypto space and making rational choices. Besides, EPIPHANY aims to contribute to the further development of the social credit system presenting the transparent credit score structure based on the decentralized public transaction history.

EPIPHANY will become a sophisticated global digital asset ecosystem where all the trading platform and customers come together to enjoy the secure, transparent, low-cost, and excellent trading experience. EPIPHANY will be the not only advanced trading platform but also be the global multi-functional trading ecosystem with the introduction of the search engine for trading information, brokerage system, and new live feed. Being part of the ecosystem, users will benefit from the fiat money exchange, cryptocurrency exchange platform, clearing and settlement service as well as service provider access within the EPIPHANY ecosystem. All the functions and features of the EPIPHANY ecosystem will be strengthened by the advanced smart contract network, risk control system, EPIPHANY Super Artificial Intelligence engine, smart data, supernodes and most significantly EPIPHANY’ valuable partners. Shortly after the release of the EPIPHANY platform, team members behind the project aims to introduce new services and features such as market making tools, data storage, credit evaluation system and more. The innovative EPIPHANY platform will undoubtedly become the number one trading platform contributing to the further growth of the cryptocurrency community and the quick spread of the blockchain technology.

EPN Tokens

EPIPHANY introduces the EPN tokens as the medium of exchange, not as a currency. Holders of the EPN tokens will benefit from the services and the features of the platform and enjoy the growth of the EPIPHANY platform.

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