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Vexanium: The Premium Promo Marketing Solution Powered By The Blockchain Technology

Hello friends, today we decided to talk about the visionary and promising Vexanium project based on the blockchain technology that offers powerful solutions to current issues in the promo marketing industry. eCommerce platforms have grown exponentially with the incredible developments in technology and quick spread of the online shopping all around the world in the last decades. The growth of the eCommerce market has led to the emergence of the new concept of promo marketing as retailers and businesses need to attract new customers. Vouchers, as well as coupons, have become crucial tools for the promo marketing, but this kind of tools constitute a severe challenge to the further development of the promo marketing because all the parties involved in promo marketing journey are having issues with them. Among the countless problems in the sector, matters regarding both promo marketing and blockchain promo marketing, overall high-costs, redemption issues as well as liquidity problems affect the industry negatively. At this point, progressive and experienced team members behind the Vexanium project aim to offer robust solutions to current issues with the help of the blockchain technology.

Vexanium team members have valuable knowledge and experience in this sector as they created the successful Evoucher Indonesia platform several years ago. With the in-depth analysis of the market, they decided to build the decentralized Vexanium platform that will provide transparency, security, liquidity, and attractiveness for all the participants utilizing the blockchain technology. Vexanium introduces the decentralized marketing and airdrop platform preventing all types of losses and misuse thanks to the decentralized distributed ledger. All the activities, as well as transaction, will be recorded on the blockchain, so all the parties will enjoy the durability and transparency. Also, Vexanium will provide the benefits of the tokenization for the participants, so they will be able to trade their tokens in exchange for various products as well as services within the Vexanium ecosystem. Blockchain and tokenization will alter and redesign the promo marketing presenting the tokenized vouchers and rewards. Therefore, retailers and businesses will be able to define their target audience efficiently and reach out to them quickly thanks to the advanced nature of the Vexanium platform. Vexanium will not only resolve the problems in the current promo marketing industry but also will contribute to the crypto community and quick adaptation of the blockchain technology.

Vexanium also presents the VEXM Generator powered by the Vexanium Blockchain for the retailers and businesses which will enable them to create their own tokens, so they will take advantage of the transparency and reliability eliminating all the agents and mediators. Using the VEXplorer, all the parties will be able to keep track of the transactions, smart contracts, and all the relevant information. Moreover, Vexanium builds the VExchange platform in order to allow VEX and VEX-generated tokens trading within the ecosystem. Vexanium ensures the Achain protocol will power the reliability, durability, affordability and better user experience as the platform.

Token Sale

Vexanium introduces the ATP 1.0 Standard Achain protocol compliant VEX tokens. Holders of the VEX tokens will be able to benefit from the all the services and features of the Vexanium platform. Participants will pay token generation fees, airdrop campaign fees and trading fees using VEX tokens.

Join the VEX ICO and be part of the promo marketing revolution!


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